The History of Extreme Sports.... so far

The History of Extreme Sports…. so far

  Extreme Sports. We all know the images and ideals that these two little words conjure up when put together. Adrenaline. No Fear. Human v Nature. Liklihood of severe injury – High. Yet for those of us who embrace extreme sports, these things are gagged, tied up and pushed into the dark recesses of our...
Wingsurfing – cowards need not apply

Wingsurfing – cowards need not apply

WINGSURFING. I have to thank Mike for thrusting this sport into my line of vision. (Mike @wingsurfer you know who you are!) It uses the power of the wind in a hand held wing, aka kitewing ( just like a hang-glider) to propel the rider of a dirtsurfer or mountainboard. Riders can speed along like...